Product FAQ – User Manual
It is very easy to use Getback Photos. There are only three main steps to recover your photos – Scan, Preview and Recover.
If you haven’t downloaded Getback Photos, please download it from here.
After installation, please run Getback Photos. Getback Photos will display all the drives and physical disks connected to your computer.
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Step 1 - Select a drive and start scan.
Select the drive where your lost photos are stored. If your lost photos are on a USB drive or a removable hard disk, please make sure that it is connected to your computer. If they are on a camera, we highly suggest you take out the memory card and connect it to your computer directly with a USB card reader for better recovery performance.
Please remember to click “Refresh Disk List” after connecting your digital storage device. When the device is displayed as a drive letter in the location list, please select it and press “Start Scan”.
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To improve the scan efficiency, you can choose the file types to scan. For example, if you are only looking for photos, you can uncheck the “Movie Files” and “PDF Files” before the scan starts. In this way, the scan will only look for picture files, which may improve the scanning speed and narrow down the search results.
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When the scan starts, you will be able to see the progress bar showing how many files which have been scanned. During the scan process, if you click on “Pause”, the progress bar will freeze and stay on the window until you press “Continue” later. Or you can click on “Stop” to stop the scan. The program will then display the photos already been scanned for you to check.
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Step 2 - Preview the files to look for your lost ones.
When the scan finishes, it will automatically open the search results. You can choose a file type from the left column to check the corresponding files. Getback Photos’ smart preview function supports preview of all picture types as well as snapshots of video types.
If you want to undelete the photos which you accidentally deleted, you can check “Only display deleted files” to narrow down the search results.
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Step 3 – Recover your files.
When you find the files you want, select the files you want and click “Recover”.
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The program will prompt a window for you to select the destination folder to save the recovered files. To protect your recovered files and to avoid overwriting the remaining lost data, please remember NOT to save the recovered files on the same drive where your lost files are stored.
Once the target folder is selected, click “OK” to complete recovery.
User Manual
User Manual
Now you can open your Windows Explorer and go to the selected target folder to check your recovered files.
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