How to install Getback Photos?
First, click here to download Getback Photos. Then run Getback_Photos_Setup.exe to start the installation. A setup window will pop out to guide you through. Click “Next” to continue the installation or “Cancel” to exit the process.
Read our license agreement, tick “I accept the agreement” and press “Next” to continue.
The default installation destination is C:\Program Files\Getback Photos. The program requires at least 29.1MB of free disk space for installation. Click on “Next” to continue. If you want to change the destination folder, click on “Browse” to choose another location.
Select the Start Menu Folder for Getback Photos. By default, the setup program will create program shortcuts in “Getback Photos”. But you can change it by click on “Browse” to select another folder.
Setup program will add additional icons such as a desktop icon and a quick launch icon for Getback Photos. However, the choices are optional. You can uncheck them if you don’t need them before clicking on “Next”.
Now it’s ready to install Getback Photos. Click on “install” to start the installation or click on “Back” to modify the settings.
The installation will only take a few seconds. Once it finishes, it will automatically pop up the following interface. You can then click on “Finish” to exit the Setup and start using the program.
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